The FloJa Foundation is located in Ngara, Karonga District (Northern Malawi, Africa) 526 km north of the capital of Lilongwe.

Why Ngara?

In their preparations for starting the Foundation, Floor and Jan made four visits to Malawi. During many preliminary interviews, they made inventory of the needs of the local population, their intention in finding the most suitable place to start the FloJa foundation in Malawi.

The majority of aid to orphaned and vulnerable children is today still located in the middle and south of Malawi, closer to the tourist areas or the major cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe. In the Karonga District (Northern Malawi) there is virtually no support for this target group. Together with the village chief and villagers, the decision was made in 2007 to establish the project on Lake Malawi, 3 km north of the small and poor fishing village of Ngara. The villagers of Ngara had indicated that they needed day care for younger children from the area, which is why the project is located in this region. The people of Ngara make a living by fishing and growing products such as corn, tomatoes, cassava and peanuts. They then try to sell these at the local markets or in the city, Karonga being the nearest at 35 km distance.

In addition to establishing day care for preschoolers, about 15 Malawian employees have been employed in this project and receive a fair salary. To fund the Foundation in Malawi, the FloJa Malawi Foundation was founded in the Netherlands. Stichting FloJa Malawi opgericht in Nederland.

Route description

Ngara is located 35 kilometers south of Karonga (Northern Malawi).

If you come by car or motorcycle from Karonga, three kilometers before Ngara, on your left, you will see a large column with the road sign to FloJa Foundation, towards the lake.

If you come by motorbike or car from the south (Lilongwe, Mzuzu), you will pass the village of Ngara, after which you will see a pillar with road signage to FloJa Foundation, three kilometers after Ngara, on your right side, towards the lake. road sign naar FloJa Foundation, richting het meer.

Floor&Jan bij bord Malawi bead&breakfast
Road sign

Are you coming by public transport? You indicate that the driver wants to get off at Ngara Admarc. You will automatically see the FloJa Foundation road sign. road sign van FloJa Foundation.

GPS coordinates

S 10° 12′46.05
E 34° 5′43.09

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10°12’46.0″S 34°05’43.1″E

FloJa Malawi