FloJa Malawi Foundation

On 26 March 2008, the FloJa Malawi Foundation was established 'indefinitely' and registered in the Trade Register at the Brabant Chamber of Commerce under number 17223700.

As an organisation, the foundation falls under the NGOs (NGO = Non-Governmental Organization).

This means that it operates non-profit, is independent and focuses mainly on social and locally oriented issues without government support.

The foundation carries out several projects, the main objective in making a sustainable contribution to the people of northern Malawi. It aims to achieve this by providing education, nutrition and health care to vulnerable children and their community, giving them a solid foundation for a promising future. The principle activities in the Netherlands consist of targeted publicity campaigns and fundraising.

'FloJa' is a private initiative, focuses on small-scale development aid and is run entirely by volunteers. The two Dutch project leaders who live and work in Malawi also selflessly donate their time and work. They receive only a small monthly expense allowance. This means that 98% of all donations to the FloJa Malawi Foundation are used for what they are intended for. (The remaining 2% relates to bank charges in the Netherlands.)

Practice shows that small-scale projects initiated and realised in cooperation with the local population are proven to be the most effective form of development aid. Moreover, this approach has the side benefit of stimulating other initiatives, including local ones, which can take the economy of one (part of a) country to a higher level. The foundation only works on projects where participation and involvement of the local population is paramount.

Your support for the foundation is very welcome and is absolutely sustainably deployed.

The Board

The board of the FloJa Malawi Foundation is currently formed by:

Wim Hoekstra – Voorzitter
Alphen a/d  Rijn
Karin Schut – Secretary
Koos van der Togt – Penningmeester & Financieel beleid Heerhugowaard
Jelle Hüner –  Bestuurslid
Ouderkerk a/d Amstel
Erik Kelhout –  Bestuurslid
Ed Slatman –  Bestuurslid
Yvonne Verburg –  Bestuurslid

Advisory board

The Board is supported by the Advisory Board. This is formed by:

Rien Willemen
Floor Willemen
FloJa Malawi