Where we work

A short description how to reach FloJa Malawi:

You’ll find Ngara approximately 22 miles south of Karonga, northern Malawi.

Are you arriving by car or motorcycle from Karonga? 2 Miles before Ngara, on the left hand side of the road you’ll be able to see a large column showing directions to FloJa Foundation, towards the lake.

Are you arriving by car or motorcycle from Lilongwe, Mzuzu? You’ll have to go 2 miles past the village of Ngara after which you’ll see a large column on the right hand side of the road showing directions to FloJa Foundation, towards the lake.

Are you using public transport? Inform the driver you’ll need to get out at Ngara Admarc, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to see the FloJa Foundation road sign.

GPS Coördinates:

S 10° 12′46.05
E 34° 5′43.09

Our roadsign

The FloJa Foundation is located Ngara, district Karonga (Northern Malawi, Africa) 526 km northern of capital Lilongwe.

Malawi, Afrika (klik om te vergroten)Ngara, Malawi (klik om te vergroten)

Why Ngara

In preparation of the project Floor and Jan made four visits to Malawi. During these visits they investigated the local needs and looked for the most suitable location to start their FloJa Malawi project. The poignant living conditions and the hopeless future for the children strengthened their belief in the need for this project.

In 2007, during their third visit to Malawi, the project started to take form. Due many different encounters with the local people and the village elder the decision was made to establish the project in the village of Ngara in the Karonga district in the northern of Malawi.
Ngara is a poor fishing village at Lake Malawi. It’s located approximately 650 kilometers from the capitol Lilongwe. The people in Ngara provide in their daily needs through fishing and cultivating products like corn, tomatoes, cassava and peanuts. These products are then sold at the local market or in the nearest town Karonga, approximately 35 kilometers away.

P1310179.JPGThe most help aimed at orphans and other vulnerable children is located in the middle and southern parts of Malawi. There appeared to be little to no projects aimed at these children and a definite need for a daycare center in the Karonga district.
This is an important aspect as to why the project has chosen this part of the country and to why Floor and Jan are primarily focused on the children in and around Ngara.
Through all these findings a project proposition was made for the first three years and raise an eponymous foundation was raised in the Netherlands.

zusje met slapend broertje op de rugBesides the daycare of the orphans, about 15 employees from Malawi earning an honest/decent salary.
To fund the Project in Malawi, the Foundation FloJa Malawi was founded in the Netherlands.