The founders of FloJa; Floor Willemen & Jan de Groot

In 2007 the Dutch couple Floor Willemen and Jan de Groot took the initiative to set up the FloJa project. Floor is originally from Drunen and Jan was born in Vleuten.

In Malawi the project is called “FloJa Foundation”, but in the Netherlands it’s known as the “Floja Malawi Foundation”.

“FloJa” of course originates from the first names of the founders Floor and Jan.

During the first seven years of the project, Floor and Jan lived and worked with inspiring passion and enormous dedication in a fishing village called Ngara, in the north of Malawi.

In those years they laid the foundation for a healthy and well-functioning kindergarten. After these tropical years it was time for a new challenge and the education of their son and daughter, Tjobi and Jula.

They travelled back to the Netherlands in April 2016, after they had handed the project over to André Oudhuis and Paulien van Musscher.


The founders: Floor Willemen en Jan de Groot

Floor Willemen (born in Drunen)

Jhet aansluiten van de waterpompan de Groot (born in Vleuten)