Stichting FloJa Malawi in the Netherlands

The project is known by the names of “Stichting FloJa Malawi” in the Netherlands, whereas in Malawi it is registered as “FloJa Foundation”.

On 26 March 2008 Stichting FloJa Malawi was established ‘indefinitely’ and registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce in Brabant (number 17223700).

As an organization, the foundation is recognized as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).  This means that Stichting FloJa Malawi is a non-profit institution. It is independent and without governmental support, and focuses mainly on social and locally orientated issues.

The foundation carries out various projects and its main goal is to make a sustainable contribution to the population of North Malawi. It aims to achieve this by offering education, nutrition and health care to vulnerable children and their environment, giving them a solid foundation for a promising future. The majority of the activities in the Netherlands consists of goal-targeted publicity campaigns and fundraising.

‘FloJa’ is a private initiative which focuses on small-scale development aid and is completely run by volunteers. The two Dutch project managers who live and work in Malawi also devote themselves to the cause without a salary; they only receive a small expense allowance every month. This means that all donations to Stichting FloJa Malawi are used for 98% for which they are intended. The remaining 2% concerns bank charges in the Netherlands.

Practice shows that small-scale projects initiated and realized in collaboration with local populations appear to be the most effective form of development aid. As a bonus, this approach has the side effect of stimulating other constructive initiatives as well, thus bringing several local economies and the economy of the country as a whole to a higher level.

The foundation only works with projects in which participation and involvement of the local population is of paramount importance. Anyone’s support of the foundation is very welcome and will be used sustainably.

The board of Stichting FloJa Malawi is formed by:

  • Eric Weiffenbach, chairman (Heerhugowaard)
  • Karin Schut, secretary (Castricum)
  • Marianne van der Meer, treasurer & financial policy (Maarssen)
  • Jelle Hüner, boardmember (Ouderkerk a/d Amstel)
  • Hans Verduin, boardmember (St. Pancras)


The board is supported by the Advisory Board, consisting of:

  • Rien Willemen (Drunen)
  • Floor Willemen (Oudega)


Our very important, active and loyal volunteers in the Netherlands, work so hard to reach new sponsors:

Casper van de Giessen
Brigitte Beakers
Hanneke Willemen
Jean Willemen
Rien Willemen
Jos van Hulten
Peter van Hulten
Arnold Brok
Mieke ten Dinkelaar
Rob ten Dinkelaar
Wim Elshout
Ellen van Hemert
Irene Brok
Marlies Gunneweg

Wil de Groot
Danny Flier
Ronald Kok
Gerda Flier
Dominique du Maine
Fabiënne du Maine

Bibi Verduin
Floris Vrasdonk
Solange Hüner
Jet van der Meer
Celine van Oijen
Kitty Verduin-Peeters
Laura Peeters
Steve Luteijn
Theo Smith
Karin van Oijen
Jos van Oijen