Good cause with CBF recognition

Stichting FloJa Malawi is registered as a Public Benefit Organization (Dutch ANBI) and in July 2016 it also received the Dutch CBF quality mark so officially recognized as a ‘good cause’.

ANBI is the non-profit tax designation in the Netherlands issued by the Tax Office

in accordance with the general Dutch tax laws. ANBI stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling. This designation is issued to organizations, which meet the required criteria and the Tax Office keeps an online searchable database of this information

The CBF is the Netherlands Fundraising Regulator. The CBF’s task is to promote trustworthy fundraising and expenditure by reviewing fundraising organizations and giving information and advice to government institutions and the public.

When a charity has been recognized as a charity by the CBF (CBF-Erkend Goed Doel), you can trust that the organization has been closely reviewed.

In order to obtain and retain the CBF quality mark, an organization must meet a number of criteria. The CBF carefully monitors this and strictly checks whether an institution spends its money in a trustworthy and well considered way. This ensures an unambiguous and widely accepted recognition by the sector, so donors are absolutely certain that recognized organizations meet the requirements. Furthermore, the quality mark guarantees that the goals of an organization are clear, and that those involved communicate transparently and comprehensibly. After all, donors give money in the confidence that their money is actually spent on what an organization promises.

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