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From day one I sponsor FloJa Malawi and I love the information on the Internet at.
Now I had the opportunity to you to find and I am very happy. I am very impressed with your project!
In four years, you have a great “village” set. The most fun I think there Malawiaans staff employed, they are all highly motivated and you have a good communication among themselves.
Especially the humor is very important that you have with each other. The first time I walked into a classroom with Floor I was very upset about the reception of the children, they all stand up and greet you in English!
Education to 80 children is generally in English, very beautiful to see and hear how children can pick up all the information as well. The kids love the Mzungu’s (Whites) very exciting.
There was also a girl: Glory they were not yet accustomed to the Whites and ran screaming to the teacher when we arrived. She kept her eyes covered with her hand and looked surreptitiously through her fingers at us, they found it very exciting.
Slowly she will get used to the Mzungu’s.
The children who come to this daycare are between 2 and 6 years old, they love to get hold of and give a hand, and let you pet them hardly loose.
The children learn not only English, but during playtime, they learn to play together. This they know from home at all, work must be done. The father of Floor has a wonderful playground made of wooden animals, swings and a seesaw wap, they are crazy this!
There are 4 dogs in the yard, very sweet dogs and the children also learn to love to do against these dogs. That they are inherently not used.
You see every day that the children love to come to the daycare, some report itself at 06.30 while the teacher and teacher at 07.30 o’clock. Always waving them, they are happy and I am very good at close to this.
Well that all children attending daycare come to be tested for HIV. These tests, I experienced very impressive and very well that this is tested. In this way, there is ensured that any HIV carrier receives medication.
The last day I was there, we all kids bracelets and necklaces strung, folding leaflets distributed with their name on it and they could pick a sticker.
The beads I had brought from the Netherlands and the folding leaves and stickers.
My colleague Monique van den Oetelaar and her son Tim gave me the folding leaves and sticker books given.
The children were very happy, they sang and danced the classroom and what a beautiful sound it echoes through the class!
What a treat it was. Great to make.
Floor and Dear Jan, thank you very much for this wonderful experience, I will never forget and the kids are super happy with you it shows!
Cordial greetings and love from
Brigitte Baekers “

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