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To facilitate the necessary financial support for this project Floor and Jan raised an official foundation in the Netherlands, the FloJa Malawi Foundation.
Even from the beginning the foundation has been very active in their support.

In Malawi both the project and the foundation are registered together as the FloJa Foundation as a NGO (non-governmental organization).

The Floja Malawi Foundation  was established on March 26th 2008 for an unlimited time frame and is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Noord-Brabant, nr 17223700

The Floja Malawi Foundations goals are to support the daycare, healthcare, educational and agricultural & horticultural projects in Malawi. This is done by the raising of funds and the organizing of publicity campaigns.

The foundation is a private initiative aiming at small scale development aid and is run by volunteers only. Floor and Jan achieve no personal gain for their work in Malawi, they work on a 100% non-profit basis. This means that every penny of every gift can be spend on actual development aid.

Small scale development aid turns out to be much more effective and lays the ground for local initiatives to arise. Thus having a positive influence on the local economy. Your support doesn’t disappear in a bottomless pit but is much more lasting.

The FloJa Malawi Foundation Daily Administration
•    Chairman                        Casper van der Giessen
•    Secretary                        Henny Helsloot
•   Treasurer & Financial Policy & Project Coordination        Marianne van der Meer
•    PR/Marketing                 (vacancy)

The administration is supported by the Advisory Board
•    Rien Willemen

Additional support is given by both heads of recruitment in Vleuten and Drunen, however both positions remain vacant.

Next to the Daily Administration and the Advisory Board a lot of volunteers spend time organizing many activities and in helping the FloJa Malawi Foundation raise funds.

  • Jos van Hulten
  • Peter van Hulten
  • Arnold Brok
  • Mieke ten Dinkelaar
  • Rob ten Dinkelaar
  • Hans Joosten
  • Wim Elshout
  • Ellen van Hemert
  • Irene Brok
  • Marlies Gunneweg
  • Hanneke Willemen
  • Patty de Wit
  • Danny Flier
  • Ronald Kok
  • Gerda Flier
  • Marc van der Meer
  • Frank Steenbakker