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Below you’ll find a summation (in chronicle order) of our projects to realize our goals:

  • The installation of electricity from the main road to and across the project grounds
  • A deep well, self-dug, for clean fresh water
  • A storage tank for 3.000 liters of well water, built on a stone raising
  • Over 70.000 self-made bricks for the buildings
  • A daycare center for orphans and other vulnerable children
  • A large kitchen to cook the children’s and staffs meals
  • The purchase of the complete inventory for the daycare and the kitchen, amongst others this means the cutlery for the children
  • Two toilet buildings with self-composting wells
  • A sink with flowing water from the well so the children can wash their hands after using the toilet
  • A large barn to stock food in case of times of food shortage and the acquiring of these stocks like corn, rice and peanuts
  • A chicken-run and a pig-hole. Fresh eggs are an important nutritious additive for the daycare children
  • A playground and soccer field next to the daycare center
  • A second building for the daycare center
  • A large kitchen garden for our own fruits and vegetables
  • An extensive irrigation system from the nearby lake to the gardens
  • A large storage tank for 12.000 liters of lake water
  • Blinds to protect the crops from the burning sun
  • Fencing against loose cattle like cows and goats
  • Our side project “Bed & Breakfast and camping”