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The Floja Malawi Project started with the building of a daycare center in Ngara, this was our highest priority. By now it has been build and is in use since December 2009.

The building got on its way thanks to the help of local builders. The use of local builders has many advantages such as: In this way you support the local economy and they “know the way.”

The choice for an orphan daycare was made thanks to advice of the locals, this because it appeared to be a better solution then sending the children to an orphanage.

In Malawi the number of orphans is estimated around 1.3 million. The number is expected to grow mainly because of HIV/AIDS, because of this many young parents pass away leaving their children behind. Most times their family tries to take care of them, family like an aunt or a grandmother.
However a lot of families already have multiple children of their own, turning the care of an orphan or sometimes multiple orphans into a large burden. These orphans are usually ‘last in line’ making them more vulnerable to malnutrition, lack of healthcare, education and personal attention.
It seemed that the founding of a daycare center was a solution to this problem.

An important advantage is that the children can remain with their families and aren’t taken away from their own cultural surroundings, which is seen as a disadvantage concerning orphanages.

Again, it should be clear that the care of orphans by ‘extended families’ brings with it a lot of challenges!

That’s why we’ve chosen to found a daycare center for this group of children.

Kindjes van de schoolBy now the daycare center has been realized and has firmly set foot in its surroundings. It includes a main building to receive the children, a kitchen, playground and self-composting toilets. The toilets then include a sink with flowing water from the well so the children can wash their hands after using it.
The children we take in at moment come here in the morning for five a days a week. During these mornings they receive both breakfast and lunch, regular health checks and are given the chance to be a kid through sports and playtime. They are also enrolled in a preschool program after which they continue on to primary school.

Special attention is given to those children who’ve had a traumatic experience, such as losing one or both parents.

Thanks to the daycare the children receive all the personal attention they need.

Our goal to take care of 20 orphans between the ages of three to six years was reached in December 2009! After the foundation of a second daycare center this number increased to a staggering 70 children. And we now also take in other vulnerable children from the village, for example due malnutrition.

As another result we’ve increased the number of employment opportunities for the locals. This is thanks to the fact we’ve had to hire people for, amongst others, the construction of the daycare center and other buildings, attending to the children, preparation of the meals and to work in the kitchen gardens.

The daycare center should become a place where all children are welcome and are provided for in their daily needs.
This will all depend on the development of the project and the way and amount of cooperation achieved with the locals in Ngara. But most importantly we depend on financial support!

There are hundreds of orphans and other vulnerable children in the northern parts of Malawi who have the right to be a kid and to a brighter future.

Therefore we need your support!

The more people we can get to, structurally, support this project. The more children can be provided for in the daycare center.