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We also offer the possibility to spend the night on the project grounds. Two beautiful houses and a camping spot, located at Lake Malawi providing all necessary facilities can be used by guests who want to give their holiday that special touch. You can see for yourself how the children are doing and at the same time you’re supporting charity.

Should you be interested in visiting Malawi and do you wish to make use of our lodge, accommodation then we offer you the possibility to make your stay even more enjoyable.

By using our accommodation you’ll be supporting our project. All your expenses are used for the children and our project.

What do we have to offer?

We have two typical African houses, build in a round shape with a thatched roof.

House 1
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In the first house you’ll find two single beds equipped with a mosquito net, two chairs and a table.
Electricity is also provided for. The toilet and shower facilities can be found in a separate building reachable by a small flight of stairs.
From the veranda you have a beautiful view over Lake Malawi and its surroundings.

House 2
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The second house is a slightly more luxurious than the first one. Here you’ll a queens bed with of course again a mosquito net, two chairs and a table. Electricity is once more provided for but this time the toilet and shower reside inside keeping everything within reach.
Because this house is build closer to the lake you’ll have the best view possible with a very comfortable cooling breeze on the veranda!

Try the local cuisine or do your own cooking? It’s all up to you!

Every single day our local staff prepares both breakfast and lunch providing you with the possibility to join in on the local cuisine. Off course you can also make use of our kitchen, should decide to prepare your own meal. In the kitchen you’ll find pots and pans, cups, a fridge and a cooker.

Other alternatives are off course open to discussion.

Do you require more information about the possibilities for a holiday, maybe volunteering or prices and bookings. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@flojamalawi.nl
We’ll then get back to you to discuss your wishes and the possibilities.

We hope to be able to welcome you in Malawi!

Floor Willemen & Jan de Groot

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