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A very warm welcome at ‘FloJa Malawi’!

FloJa Malawi, a project in Africa and an eponymous foundation in the Netherlands.
FloJa Malawi in Africa, a place in Malawi for the care for orphans and other vulnerable children.

Please enjoy our website, we hope you’ll visit us more often.

Floor & Jan

Who are we?

Floor & Jan and a few kidsWe, Floor Willemen and Jan de Groot, are de founders of the FloJa Malawi Project and the FloJa Malawi Foundation.

How did we establish our name?
The name is a conjunction of the first letters of our surnames Floor and Jan into FloJa.

FloJa could also stand for: Future Life Orphans Join All

For us it’s all about a better life and future for orphans and other vulnerable children in Malawi, Africa.

The meaning of orphans needs no further explanation. However vulnerable children does.
By vulnerable children we mean children who, for instance, are severely underfed due to poverty or who are infected with the HIV virus.

Emanuel ijverig aan het schrijvenWith our project we want to improve the living conditions and future expectations for these children in Ngara, northern Malawi.
By means of a daycare center we’d like to take care of the children and give them the attention they need. For instance by giving them a lot of personal attention, health care, education and of course daily food and drinks.
In short, everything needed for a normal and healthy life, something these kids deserve.

On this website you can follow all our activities in Malawi and those of the foundation in the Netherlands. Sometimes even in sound and images.
The FloJa Malawi Foundation supports all our activities for the children from the Netherlands to their best abilities.

Also very important, the Dutch tax administration has awarded FloJa Malawi with an ANBI status. Meaning that your gifts are tax deductible if you pay your taxes in the Netherlands.